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Force Your Way to the TOP of Google
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Let's face it... there are typically only two ways of appearing on the first page of Google (and the other search engines).

1.  Pay for it via Google AdWords and similar programs.

2.  SEO it. (Search Engine Optimization).

But the first option can be very expensive... and the second is normally the preserve of SEO geeks.

...But What If You Could Place Yourself On The First Page Of
Google Search Results For Your Chosen Keyword Phrase
-- Whenever You Want?

And how about if you didn't just appear once on that first page, but were a recurring feature throughout the first and second page results. Now wouldn't that be incredibly profitable?

Let's imagine that suddenly, you dominated the search results which in turn would bring a completely INSANE TORRENT of clients straight to your door.

3.  G-Force your Domination of Google.

          Can you imagine how this would look?


Dominated! Page #1 Google Results
For Your Targeted Keyword Phrase
Leading To Your Own Website.

Imagine if each of these results all pointed to your website.


Dominated! Page #1 Google Results For Your Targeted Keyword Phrase Leading To Your Own Website.

Imagine if each of these results all pointed to your website.

This is all about dominating the natural search results on Page #1 of Google, based on your own targeted search terms [and getting rid of your competition!

If you could do this then the system which got you there would simply be worth a fortune -- right?

Stop Dreaming About Dominating the First Page
And Start Seeing It…

Introducing the G-Force system

We “Force” Google to list your site on Page #1!


Easily Dominate Within An Incredible Short Period of Time. 

The Search Engines Simply Can't Resist!

The G-Force system works by offering up content the search engines crave, plus a monthly content update.  The search engines simply want to devour the new information. In fact, I've found that those great big search engines simply can't resist what our G-Force system provides; Greedily Consuming Each and Every Link that we toss their way.

This is all about successfully feeding information to Google (MSN Live Search, Yahoo, etc) in precisely the format they need to rank you at or near the top of their search results - Time and Time Again.

Finally! You're In Charge Of How Much
Traffic Is At Your Door

You'll already know this, but your biggest single challenge is to bring highly targeted traffic to the website that you're promoting.

Because traffic means new clients! New Clients = More money!

That said... not all traffic is created equally. The very best visitors are those who have just typed in a search term because they'll be looking for the answer to a specific question or problem. They're hungry... in the zone... and ready to act NOW.

So "owning" incoming traffic from specific search terms is much more valuable than any scattergun approach. And that's why the paid Google AdWords program is so incredibly popular. But, it can be very expensive, particularly if you're determined to drive a significant amount of visitors your way.

That's why dominating page #1 of the Google Search results is so unbelievably valuable.


And Natural Search Results Are Even More Powerful
Than Paid Google AdWords

When you achieve a 1st Page natural search listing for your chosen keyword phrase, it's actually worth more than the equivalent 1st Page paid Google AdWords listing.

Think about it. Which link would you prefer to click on for more information? Paid advertising or on the genuine Google search results?

The answer is that the vast majority of people prefer to explore the natural results and that's why when you get yourself high on Page #1 (and to a lesser extent Page #2), you're guaranteed to bring a torrent of visitors to your own website and door. It's simple, but incredibly effective.

The G-Force System Can Be Applied
To Any Business...

This approach is completely versatile.

But be Warned, because the results can come quicker than you think!

Can You Just Imagine How Valuable Owning
The First Page Of Google Results Would Be For You?

Owning Page #1 Google Results is like a dream come true for any Business Owner.

Remember that people pay very BIG BUCKS to have their website show up on Page #1 of Google which is why AdWords is Google's flagship advertising product and main source for the company's $16.4b in revenue.

Showing up under your targeted keyword phrase multiple times on Page #1 and #2 of the results could be like taking a Sharpie marker to ALL of your competition in the yellow pages. 

But as you've just seen in the example above, with the G-Force System you can show up not just once, but in multiple Page #1 locations, meaning that it would be hard for anyone searching for your keyword phrase to ignore your results... and your promoted website.

Stunning results...

This is why our G-Force System is so revolutionary. And, of course, this is why I won't be letting too many Businesses use it either, will yours be one of the few? :-).

Quick Work Brings Fast Results

The thing I really love about the G-Force System is that results can start to appear REALLY fast.

Needless to say there is a lot of work to be done to dominate page #1 of Google for just one keyword phrase, however, this is not a problem because our team of experts have got you covered.  I regularly see Page #1 returns in a very short time.

And then the results just keep getting better...

Hang On and don't be surprised to see that it's you dominating your chosen Keyword Phrase results on Page #1 of Google and all the other major search engines!

But just as important as fast, is long-lasting. And that's where the G-Force System comes into its own thanks to our proprietary strategy that keeps your leading search term results on top of the pile for now and forever with the G-Force System.

The G-Force System Works Now
And Will Work In The Future

Because the G-Force System provides the search spiders with what they're actually looking for there's no reason why this approach won't continue to work.

In other words the G-Force Sysytem provides genuine long-term results.

Can You Actually Afford To Be Online Without
Our G-Force System?

Millions of dollars are spent on Google AdWords each day because being on the front page of Google is the most important advertising outlet available to many successful businesses.

And if that's true in general, then it's doubly-the-case for your business.

So the front page of Google is absolutely vital to your business success and anything that can give you Page #1 Google is therefore completely priceless.







Remember, what's available with our G-Force system is the ability to park yourself right on the first page of Google and to therefore be able to generate an endless amount of highly targeted traffic to your website.


It's Decision Time...
Do You Really Want To Dominate Page #1 Of Google...
Or Will You Just Walk Away?

I figure that by now you understand how G-Force System could generate a fortune for you. You appreciate that being at the top of the search engine page is the best way to create a constant flow of both traffic and clients to your website or business. And you know that the G-Force System Launches you to Front Page Domination. 

Now it's time to decide whether you want to try to get your hands on one of the coveted spots to let our unique system work for you.

Yours sincerely,
Dale Richards
Dale Richards, DC



P.S.  I'm anxious not to oversell places in the G-Force System because I know for a fact that if you don't pick up your copy, then someone else who does appreciate the value of a first page result on Google will. That said, I think it would be a real shame if you didn't get to personally benefit from the unique approach described in the G-Force System.

P.P.S. Do you have further questions about the G-Force Systems? You can call 435-734-9421 and we will be happy to assist you.





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