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Hi,  I am Dr. Dale Richards, DC and
                           I am on a CRUSADE. 


As a chiropractor, I got tired of paying for throw-away advertising.  Yellow page ads, Radio ads, Newspaper ads and Newspaper flyers were not bringing the targeted clients I was looking for.  I knew that if I could establish an Online presence then my Clients could find me.  I am now able to reach Clients in my area looking for Chiropractic care, Pain Relief, Neurology, and Automobile Accident care. 

I have developed The G-Force System.  This allows me to DOMINATE Google search results in my area.  In fact,  last time I checked I DOMINATED:

10 of the Top 17 search results in Google. 
I was Listed 8 times on the FIRST PAGE Of Google. 

That means of the Top 23 search results, Dr. Dale Richards and my Clinic ranked FOURTEEN times.   

I have Very Effectively Pushed Many of my Competitors off the Front Page of Google.  My website is posted as well as numerous articles and links that talk about my specialties AND ALL of these rankings point to my Clinic.

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If you are ready to EXPLODE your business, then please Read This VERY IMPORTANT Information for all of the exciting details. 

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  If you are ready to explode your business then please Read This VERY IMPORTANT Information for all of the exciting details. 

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SEO could NEVER Even Dream about Being This Effective.

The G-FORCE System  Dominates the Competition in EVERY WAY!


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